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Bombs and Bugs

This is a little game for up to four players on one computer. It is about four little bugs who are trying to blast each other to pieces. That sounds not very nice. It isn't nice at all. But it is fun!!!

New for version 3.1

  • Bombs and Bugs is now a "true" Windows 95/98 program using DirectX 7.0! It may even run on Windows ME and 2000, but this is untested.
  • Due to the platform change the hardware requirements are a little higher, but in exchange many problems (like no sound with PCI soundcards and crashes on an Athlon system with 3.0) are solved.
  • The controls of the bugs are now fully customizable. ATTENTION: You need a new registration key for version 3.1, but if you already got one for an older version, just send it to us ("") and we will send you a new one for free. The key is a small file called "regis.key".
  • Due to the weak Euro currency, Bombs and Bugs got cheaper!!! Now it is just 10 US Dollar (or 7 UK pound)
  • But there are sad news: This will most likely be the last version of Bombs And Bugs. Since we couldn't invest as much time in it as we liked (which everyone has noticed, I think), we will stop any develpoment on this game. Hope everyone had fun with this! But maybe sometime there will be a new AWKWARD Software game at the horizon...

Shareware restrictions

The shareware has a 30 second 'nag-screen' at the beginning. Some menu options are disabled and you can play with one bug graphic (four in the full release) and one level graphic (instead of five) only.


Bombs and Bugs screenshot #1

Bombs and Bugs screenshot #2

Bombs and Bugs screenshot #3


What other people think about 'Bombs and Bugs'

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'Demo of the Day'
5th Septmber '97 at PC Gamer (website defunct)


System requirements

a Windows 95/98 compatible PC
DirectX 7.0 or later
One or two gamepads/joysticks for third and fourth player
Up to three good friends...



Bombs and Bugs 3.1 shareware (Windows 95/98)

Additonal level graphic: Space
Just copy in the /data subdirectory in your Bombs and Bugs directory.

Additonal level graphic: Sky
Just copy in the /data subdirectory in your Bombs and Bugs directory.

Bombs and Bugs 3.0 shareware (MS/DOS)